Army Lake Camp offers a comprehensive Outdoor Education program designed to enrich children’s knowledge and appreciation of nature, the environment, and outdoor activity.

Army Lake Camp offers a wide range of classes from archery to marsh ecology providing a unique outdoor learning environment geared towards 4th- 6th graders.

Talk to us about getting your group in-tune with nature, and check out our class offerings.


Class Descriptions

Hands on Wild I  

Discover & learn about four mammals common to Wisconsin: coyote, raccoon, rabbit, & beaver.

  • Hands on animal pelts
  • Identify animal tracks
  • Identify scat
  • Short animal track quest

Class Size:
Min/10    Max/15
Class Length: 1hr

Hands on Wild II  

Study more in depth about mammals and what makes them tick.

  • Learn characteristics of mammals
  • Distinguish between herbivores, carnivores, & omnivores
  • Learn how mammals protect themselves
  • Analyze animal skulls

Class Size:
Min/10    Max/15
Class Length: 1hr

Marsh Ecology I 

Observe the wetland called marsh. Learn what makes up a marsh and how they benefit the environment.

  • What is a marsh?
  • Learn the benefits of marshlands.
  • Hear an overview of marsh animals
  • Learn about cattails
  • Boardwalk trek through the marsh
  • Nature scavenger hunt

Class Size:
Min/10    Max/15
Class Length: 2hrs

Marsh Ecology II 

Dig in deep about how marshes come to be and how they function.

  • Wetland succession
  • Identify different types of wetlands
  • Learn how wetlands become threatened
  • Identify animals of the Marsh (diet, life expectancy, & breeding)
  • Boardwalk trek through the marsh
  • Marsh is a sponge experiment

Class Size:
Min/10    Max/15
Class Length: 2hrs

Tree Study 

Study tree rings to analyze tree growth. How to tell if a tree is in trouble.

  • Parts of a tree cookie
  • Learn what elements a tree needs to survive
  • Learn the signs of a tree in trouble
  • Nature Hike

Class Size:
Min/10    Max/15
Class Length: 1hr

The Miracle of Nature

Find out how the interconnectedness of nature impacts wildlife 

  • Ecosystems and Habitats
  • Biodiversity
  • Conservation
  • Nature Hike

Class Size:
Min/10    Max/30
Class Length: 1hr

Earth within our Solar System

Explore how the Earth’s unique position relative to the sun creates seasons and affects our climate.

  • Sun Declination
  • Seasonal Changes
  • Climate Change
  • Orienteering 
  • Nature Hike

Class Size:
Min/10    Max/30
Class Length: 1hr


Uncover the inner archer in you! Learn basic archery skills and put them into practice with target shooting.

  • Learn archery safety
  • Understanding eye dominance
  • 11 steps to archery success
  • Target shooting
  • Learn scorekeeping
  • Learn proper arrow removal

Class Size:
Min/10    Max/15
Class Length: 2hrs


Learn canoeing basics and experience hands on practice on Army Lake.

  • Learn canoeing safety
  • Learn the parts of a canoe & paddle
  • Practice paddling techniques & posture
  • Practice safely enter and exit a canoe

Class Size:
Min/10 Max/15
Class Length: 1hr

Climbing Wall & Zip Line

Climb a 30ft tower and whiz down a zip line.

  • Learn proper harness and helmet fitting
  • Learn climbing safety
  • Challenge by choice
  • Climb the wall
  • Zip down the line

Class Size:
Min/10    Max/30
Class Length: 2hrs


Team Building (Low Ropes)

Work through a series of challenges with a group, building trust and team work along the way.

  • Practice safety
  • Team work activities
  • Gain problem solving skills
  • Perform trust building exercises
  • Practice communication skills

Class Size:
Min/10    Max/30
Class Length: 2hrs






Aspen, Birch and Cedar can each accommodate 84 people

8 rooms with 5 bunks (80 total beds), 2 rooms with 1 bunk (4 total beds), 2 shared bathrooms, one semi-private bathroom and lounge.




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