High Ropes

Rate: $15/pp 
Specifics: 8/minimum 30/maximum - 3 hour time frame


Team Building

Rate: $5/pp
Specifics8/minimum 30/maximum - 3 hour time frame 



Rate: $30/hr/25 people, $10/hr/additional 20 people


Canoes and Paddle Boats
Rate$30/hr/25 people, $10/hr/additional 20 people

Pontoon Boat:
Rate$30/ride (holds up to 12 adults or 14 children)


Rate: $27/pp (8/minimum 30/maximum) - 2 hour time frame
Extras: Box of 2000 paintballs $56, CO2 refill $5

Paintball is an interactive game of paint tag that is one of the fastest growing and safest sports in America.  Participants wear protective gear and learn safety guidelines.  Then various team challenges are given to encourage communication, working together, integrity, responsibility in an atmosphere of fun.  (Grade 6 - adult)

Other Activities

Campfires - $25/fire

Archery - $5/pp

Hay Ride - $30/ride (30 maximum)


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